Make your wedding, your way.

If you don’t want to follow the traditional track the wedding “should look like” and you dream about small, unique and meaningful day with your other half or maybe with your closest friends and family - you’re in the right place.



It’s simple. Imagine waking up to the best day of your life.

Lofoten Islands Norway Destination Wedding Photographer - Angie Skarbek Photography

Elopement vs. big traditional wedding

Let me guess. You saw on pinerest lots of pretty images, people eloping in the mountains or on the beach. You saw many photographer’s websites who trying to convince you to elope. And now, as a result you don’t know what to do. But if I can give you a honest advice - do what feels right for you. Elopements are not for everyone. If you always dream about big wedding - go for it! Nobody stops you. But if you always dream about small and intimate celebration of your love, only with your closest friends and family - elopement can be a perfect solution for you two!

Value experience

over things.

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5 steps on the way to your dream wedding:

  1. Get in touch to talk about your wedding wishes and vision

  2. Pick a date and your bucket list location

  3. I’ll design an epic adventure including exciting things to do!

  4. your dream wedding turning into reality

  5. remember that day to the rest of your life



Yes, 'elope' has historically meant "to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent." But not anymore.



So you’ve made it past the awkward first date, meeting the parents and the nerve-wracking proposal. Chill, because now will be the funniest and most exciting part!



The shortest (and best) answer I can give to you is this: you can (and should) do exactly what you and your partner want to do during your elopement ceremony.

Need quck overlook how your day can look like?


Don’t know where to elope?

No worries! Based on your interests, I’ll create a customized plan of your wedding day including few locations, completey FOR FREE.


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Why destination wedding aka elopement?

Because you can do WHATEVER you and your partner want! And I’m 100% serious about it! There are no rules. No guidelines. No limitations. No restrictions. There’s only the ones you make up IN YOUR MIND. Imagine this - You, your partner, and your biggest adventure dreams waiting to come true. You can have any type of ceremony you want, invite the guests you want (or have no guests at all), and of course, get married in the location you want - no matter where that might be.