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hi i’m angie,


I'm a travel and destination wedding photographer currently based in Germany and Poland. Always down for adventure. I specialise in telling stories, through pictures, of your amazing wedding or unforgettable elopement or even your dance in the rain with your other half.

Capturing moments is my favorite thing to do. That's why I prefer reportage style of photography. Once I figured out how I could share that joy with others I found my path. My whole goal is to capture memories that you'll want to remember forever.

My favorite thing about this business has been getting to know with some of the most amazing people and listening to their stories. I love making new friends so don't be afraid to reach out! Feel free to contact me for a shoot, collaboration, questions, anything!

Poland Destination Wedding Photographer - Angie Skarbek Photography

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What is Reportage Wedding Photography?

it’s about capturing the story of the day, it’s not about isolated portraits or photos of shoes or made up posed photos. It’s about telling a genuine and authentic story - capturing the atmosphere and the setting, photographing the action (and the reaction) and more often than not, photographing subjects within context. It is using the skill of the photographer to create emotive and powerful images


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A combination of breathtaking views with every season of the year, Norway is a favorite destination for nature lovers. There are almost no limitations as to where you can get married, or have an elopement. You can choose between fjords, beaches, waterfalls or forests. Today I want to share with you, one of the best spots in the northern part of the country - Reinebringen in Loforen Islands.



One of the most common things that couples tell me is how important photography is to their wedding. It stands to reason that if they’re going to hire a professional wedding photographer and are investing considerable time and finds into it, then they are expecting some great results. So what guarantees amazing photos? My answer is “golden hour”, which means the time of day when the sun is low in the sky - just around sunrise or sunset. Here I share photos from from the breathtaking sunset on the pier.



If you’re a bride and groom you have to be authentic to yourselves when planning a wedding. Don’t follow formality and tradition if it does not mean anything to you. Trends will come and go, but staying true to who you are will give you timeless memories.



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